Eat Pray Love

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What Thy Seek

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kissin the Lipless

Called to see if your back
Was still aligned and your sheets
Were growing grass all on the corners of your bed

But you've got too much to wear on your sleeves
It has too much to do with me
And secretly I want to bury in the yard
The grey remains of a friendship scarred

You told us of your new life there
You got someone comin' around
Gluing tinsel to your crown
He's got you talking pretty loud
You berate remember your ailing heart and your criminal eyes
You say you're still in love
If it's true what can be done
It's hard to leave all those moments behind

You tested your metal of doe's skin and petals
While kissing the lipless
Who bleed all the sweetness away


Anonymous said...

for once you have been serious.....
I admire your power of love....Wish you get its equal and affectionate response....
All the Luck for You....

Anonymous said...

i wonder if i cud brk d bonds,
and wantonly love again as before.
i'm so afraid of being hurt,'coz she left my heart bleeding sore!
i wonder if things wud b d same again if i hadnt d errors made,
and she'l b there wid me,
those words never said.
i wonder... in these lonely nights when the sky is studded wid stars,
i feel the tears welling up
becoz now she's gone so far.
i wonder if i'l ever b so whole
and now dat its al over
sumone's taken my soul.
i wonder if she knows when it rains,
i feel her widin each heartbeat and i cnt bear the pain!
i wonder if the momenmts of our love are forever lost to me,
and a lifetymof forgetting...stretches lyk an endless sea.