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What Thy Seek

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I Confess

I must confess I did drown in those eyes
in the bold brown sand under the blue skies,
Of the laughter that echoed 
on those known roads walked 
and of the stories untold yet out of the box.

I must confess I never had been quiet
yet my thoughts spoke aloud by another sight.
Of the myriad patterns in pursuit of happiness
yet forgetting the very precious moment alive.

I must confess I have always looked back
of things that might have 
and tread past the present
and yet now i feel in harmony
of being me with the one
and the rest sublime in an endless eon.

And the things I confessed might have always lingered
Had I not met the one to have treed along
of the dawn colored with patience 
the day basked under thy rays
the dusk in thee sweet separation
and the night ending amidst the echoing silence.

And yet i remain silent
I still confess, I still confess....

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