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Monday, February 10, 2014

The Tale of the Princess

It was a fine Saturday Morning. A cold yet warm breeze blew few strands of her silky hairs off her eyes. The sun mildly strokes her beauty, waking her up, to see the nature of those beauties in her eyes. Oh, she was happy. She was thinking of returning home soon to see her loved ones, to hear her father prescribing medicines for his patients, to hear her mother calling her to have the best made food she have ever tasted in her life and memories round the corner to make her world complete. She woke up, stretched herself and opened the curtains to let the nature see the beauty she beheld and to see the beauty in nature itself.

She went down the staircase towards the canteen, thinking it might be the last time she might have to eat the food at a stranger’s hand, and even might be the last time; she might have to ride some wretched cycle without brakes. She couldn’t think anything but of course home. She had been homesick for quite some time and the only view her brown bold eyes could see was of the freshly green garden in front of her house, smelling the scent of the wet ground sitting cozily in her porch.
And the only thing which held her here from what she wished was her posting. She had been holding her heart for a long time for this day to know where she might be posted and for all the reasons and those long talks she did with the official, she was sure she would be home soon enough.

But fate always had its own ring to play the tune. In another few hours she found herself sitting right opposite the man she thought would have helped her to return back to her place. Prince held his head a little low when he spoke next- ‘Princess, I am sorry, but you have been posted here.’ Prince tried to look for a hint of reflection in her, but her beauty did not smother a single bit, but what he failed to see in those eyes which burst into tears yet none seemed to fall. She stood with a thunderous echo in her silence, managed a heart melting smile and went back to her room.

Prince managed a sigh of relief, for he did not want the most beautiful person to vanish off his sight and he had managed to keep the light alive for himself. But little did he knew, the girl who passed by was not all beauty, but had her brains at her right place. She had been growing up in a family of doctors and brains for the likes of them when used for the betterment, can be the most precious gift of god, else it can be the work of the devil. Oh the Prince caught the wrong Princess to play games.

Early Sunday morning was yet another perfect morning for the Princess, but Prince was not sure where the morning would disappear for himself. He opened the door of his room; still with the cup of coffee he was sipping to see Princess at his doorstep. For any other day, he would have been more than happy to have coffee with her, but there was something wrong with her. Her face and hands were all swollen to the core. She looked at him appealingly, for help that’s what Prince thought, but what reflected next, shook the very earth off his shadows too. Her anger melted the very soul of the room and she blabbered-‘Had you believed me, I am allergic to this place; you would have let me go!!!’

The words did the magic. Prince found himself panting all-round the office premises to rectify for what he had done. The selfishness dipped in guilt took every ounce of him ripping his soul apart. By the end of the day, Princess knew she was going back home.

The very next day, Prince stood by the gate to bid her his silent goodbye. He could not look at her. But still, he tried to have a last look of her. But what he saw next, he just could not believe himself.
She looked as beautiful as ever, elegantly walking past with her suitcase and chatting like the mild breeze in an autumn with her friends out of the gate for her way back home. She stepped out of the gate and stopped. She glanced back to see the awed face of Prince, her cunning, heartbreaking smile on her lips and finally turned back with laughter ringing in his ears for her destination.

Oh yes, the Princess was indeed allergic to the place. Everything was good about this place, but Princess wasn’t very happy about it. After all it wasn’t her home. For what would take her back home, was nothing more than to rub a lube of pollen of which she was indeed allergic to, and wait for fifteen minutes to see the magic of it. And she knew the magic was very well performed. Being a doctor’s daughter, she already knew the medicines to get her right back in shape.

And the Princess walked in her royal reign not waiting for fate to tell the tale but wrote her own fate for her story to become a Tale!!!

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