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What Thy Seek

Thursday, September 12, 2013


And life is all but a part of the game
For people come and leave all the same.
For those who matter stick around,
For those who don’t walk out of bound
For you cannot avoid pain every time,
For those enjoying happiness,
Can’t blame for some pain in life.
If not strong to endure the pain
What right do you have to be happy and sane?

For you came as a breeze in my life,
A calm yet strong feeling by my side
For times I have loved and would want to be with you,
For times you hurt and walked out into the blue.
And I can’t blame for me being used,
I was happily selfish to be with you,
And since lest I should need you,
And you aren’t there anymore
Does that give me the right to be angry forever?
Life doesn’t come with a manual in hand,
But a body and soul to understand!!!
If you been hurt, or did hurt to some,
Blessed be those to forgive and get forgiven.
For no big a gift than forgiving there can be,
A cure to the heart can only be love,
And not anguish and hatred within.


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sonal singh said...

First paragraph and the last two lines. Lovely.