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What Thy Seek

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Shards of Glasses

And the peices all scattered aside,
strangled by my own guide
All they reflect is thy
belief, trust and love
lost and burned, laughed and mocked
Played like a child's toy.

Ripped they lay all around,
every peice makes be bound.
A deep gash,
A spill of blood,
and thy menancing smile
leave the deepest wound.

And yet I try to collect
peices by peices
to make them whole,
and thy mock standing
batter the remains
neither tears, nor feelings,
you smashed me in and out.

I shalt rise,
walking on these same shards
and might someday thy may realise,
its not just words,
A heart is what makes someone a Human!!!

1 comment:

Incorruptible Vista... said...

feelings amazingly woven together.