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Friday, January 6, 2012

Let You Go

A lone alley amidst the dark lights,
As subtle a smile for a glow,
A touch of the skin, a whisper akin,
We need to talk,
Just breath, its just another talk,
On a long long walk.

And you had so much to say,
Yet unheard you went.
And amidst the million words hay,
You kept me guessing at a smile away.

And so much for your deeds,
For the sake of your beliefs,
The more I know, the less they seemed.
A passion lost amidst the age,
Yet so much for my espionage

For I had risen from the runes,
Of known brittle walls of my remnants.
For that brief time you looked from bay,
Had the courage spoken,
Today we could have our say.
 And yet you gave ignorance a chance,
We met again in these myriad patterns' dance.
In a city so new,
Yet the same ol' place,
Of smell of caffeine in your breath
And yet a shining smile on your face.

Off amidst your disappearing silhouette,
I spoke my words with a bow.
I saw the castle take the blow
And the bricks tattered down in a row.
Yet intact remained the smile
And a thought hitch for a while,
Had I found a friend, or rather another foe?

Nurturing a seed for a thought to sow.
Had been time, had it ever grown.
But alas I killed it way before
I'm sorry, I just had to let you go.

1 comment:

Incorruptible Vista... said...

Beautifully written... Had been long since i came across something like this... :)
Glad you can still make the time for this inspite of your schedule :)