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What Thy Seek

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thoughtless Words...

I hope to have justice with words,
Lest I should get lost in midst of the fog again.
I hope to have peace with me,
Lest I should fall in love again.

Not far from here,
I drenched myself in rain once.
And now from this distance,
Its only rain, yet I stand tall dry.

Once when I knew,
I had this game in my pocket,
And before the game even begun,
I knew this wasn’t a game, but my life on the bet.

Yet I took the dice,
And threw the roll
The jackpot never stroke,
But still I gambled galore.

Not was it greed that blinded me,
Neither lust nor loss did make me.
I guess its just her I sought
And none other shall complete me.

And they said I’m hopelessly in love,
And yet they said it can also end up on yet another cup
Filled to brim to the dregs that remained.
Thinking oh wat great coffee it was,
Yet the real taste of it laid in the person in front.

And if it has to be the way of the dregs,
A book, one cigarette would have been a loyal friend.
But wat I sought in her eyes
Might everybody missed,
But I knew without her my life is amiss!!!

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Anonymous said...

What words..