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What Thy Seek

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Lone Candle

A pure heart inside him in flames,
He knew he had it out of his hands.
A moment of despair in him,
But yet smiling rejoicing the pain he stands.

A tinge of tear starts to shed,
And he let himself away gradually Melt.
But more than losing his body instead,
The stronger of losing her the fear he felt.

And no more could his fragile body could take,
Crushed and burned his body did break.
But the passion of his love burning high
the flick of flame still prevailed,
till the lone candle died in his dregs.
And the flame echoed his love over his body still sailed


authentic_blogger said...

*** bows ***
very nice sir...

Aritro..... I am what I am..... said...

Thanks :)

sonal singh said...

you write beautiful poetry. It's a feast of words out there.

Aritro..... I am what I am..... said...

Thanks Sonal...