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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Twinkling Morn...

The touch of the cold drops to my skin
The ashes wet drop down herein,
The smoke around lingering,
The tracks forth seemed simply bogs,
And the cool breeze says it all.
The moment here I'm enjoying.
With a cup of coffee in one
and a bleak fag on the other toying
Looking at the lake singing,
A rhythm so unknown yet so soothing.
And I close my eyes feeling,
the warmth of the time in the early morn beaming,
The gentle rain wetted the party to the skin.
A surge of being happy without a reason.
A surge to feel the ever changing season.
A sweeping glory sways within,
I look deep down in me smiling,
The coffee feels the best I have tasted
And my heart so calm and saying,
Feel the rain, feel the calm
Feel the touch of our nature's nest,
Theres nowhere could be such a lovely mesh.

1 comment:

Incorruptible Vista... said...

Hey this is truly a mesmerising poem.It has given a new dimension to waking up...